Plenary/Keynote Speakers

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    The World Within – Mechanisms and Consequences of Interactions of the Gut with Resident and Invading Microorganisms

    Barrett, Kim

    University of California, Davis, USA

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    A motor theory of sleep control

    Dan, Yang

    University of California, USA

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    Cognitive functions of the cerebellum

    De Zeeuw, Chris I.

    Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience, Netherlands

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    The Gravity of Exercise for a Mission to Mars

    Hargens, Alan

    University of California, USA

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    Lessons from yeast: autophagy as a cellular recycling system

    Ohsumi, Yoshinori Nobel Laureate Sponsored by the Physiological Society of Japan

    Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

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    AI-Powered Computational Cardiology

    Trayanowa, Natalia IUPS President Lecture

    Johns Hopkins University, USA

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    Non-canonical role of dopamine receptor D2 in the modulation of neuroinflammation

    Zhou, Jia-Wei T. P. Feng Lecture

    Institute of Neuroscience, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

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    The secret life of pericytes

    Betsholtz, Christer

    Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

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    Gas diffusion through membrane proteins

    Boron, Walter IUPS Wallace Fenn Lecture

    Case Western Reserve University, USA

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    Regulation of intestine development and homeostasis by niche factors

    Chen, Ye-Guang

    Tsinghua University, China

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    The Global Physiology Education Quiz Network: Engaging and Enjoying Physiology

    Cheng, Hwee Ming IUPS Teaching and Education Lecture

    Unversity of Malaya, Malaysia

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    How vertebrates regulate oxygen transport and consumption to survive oxygen lack

    Fago, Angela IUPS August Krogh Lecture

    Aarhus University, Denmark

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    Identifying novel genes that control secretion during T cell killing

    Griffiths, Gillian

    Cambridge University, UK

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    Forging causal links between neural circuit activity and behavior

    Häusser, Michael

    University College, UK

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    How the innate immune system regulates repair of an injured tissue

    Kubes, Paul J

    University of Calgary, Canada

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    Cellular signalling in the regulation of alveolar fluid homeostasis in the intact lung

    Kuebler, Wolfgang Supported by the German Physiological Society

    Charité, Universitaetsmedizin, Germany

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    Molecular and physiological insight of lipid droplet fusion and lipid storage

    Li, Peng

    Tsinghua University, China

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    Maintaining balance under pressure: how concerted transporter regulation achieves fluid and salt homeostasis

    McDonough, Alicia IUPS Robert Pitts Lecture

    University of Southern California, USA

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    Mitochondrial biology and human disease

    Mootha, Vamsi K

    Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, USA

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    Rescuing cerebral blood flow in small vessel disease of the brain

    Nelson, Mark

    University of Vermont, USA

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    Integrated molecular response in muscle during and after exercise

    Richter, Erik A.

    University of Copenhagen, Demark

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    Niche Regulation of Intestinal Stem Cell Function

    Samuelson, Linda

    University of Michigan, USA

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    Paleophysiology: How fossil bone foramina can measure metabolic intensity of extinct vertebrates and brain perfusion of human ancestors

    Seymour, Roger S IUPS Knut Schmidt-Nielsen Lecture

    The University of Adelaide, Australia

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    Neural circuits underlying social memory and its dysfunction in neuropsychiatric disease

    Siegelbaum, Steven

    Columbia University, USA

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    Translating patient-specific Physiome models of the respiratory system to clinical applications

    Tawhai, Merryn IUPS Physiome Lecture

    The University of Auckland, New Zealand

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    Hybrid Hormones against Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes: Discovery, Mechanism & Clinical Validation

    Tschöp, Matthias IUPS Ernst Knobil Lecture

    Technical University and Helmholtz Center, Germany

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    Multimodal Regulation of Metabolism and Aging by MG53

    Xiao, Ruiping

    Peking University, China

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    Neural networks for nociception and itch

    Zhang, Xu

    Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

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